Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspiration from Sarah Kay part I

Happy New Year! In reflecting back over 2011, has it been a good year for you? Why or why not?

This was my Facebook status: 2011 = Unemployment, weekend trips for interviews, new job, trip to the USA for Luca and I, pregnancy, moving to Montpon, big adjustments to new life, Club Lampadaire (youth group), potty training, visit from Vincent's parents, Thanksgiving with coworkers, Christmas and New Years with our French family. Faithfully led and continually blessed by our Lord!!

I had some time to rest and hear and read and see lots of inspiring things (good news for you;). Have you heard of a brilliant young poet named Sarah Kay? She does incredible spoken word poetry, an art with which I am not very familiar, but find fascinating. From hanging out as a teen at New York's Bowery Poetry Club to teaching kids through Project V.O.I.C.E, she has a great story...and tells it!

This talk is about 20 minutes long, but you HAVE to watch all of it. The first poem she shares is "B" which starts, "If I should have a daughter..." This spoke a lot to me as I try to figure out being an adult daughter and I wonder if the baby I carry is a little girl. Somewhere in the middle she says, "'Cause your mama is a worrier and your daddy is a warrior" - so very very true!! Then she shares her story and about writing poems to figure things out. She ends the talk with "Hiroshima," a poem I'll listen to over and over again.

This post is part I because Thursday I want to continue with an idea Sarah gives in her talk...so enjoy and come back Thursday!


  1. Aloha,

    And look at me, I forgot to say Bon neuve ani... (OK, I *know* I butchered that, but I refuse to use Google for everything :)

    I've never heard of Sarah before and can't listen now, but thanks, I'm bookmarking this post for the next time Son No. 3 is fussy and I'll be rocking from side to side for 20 mins :)

  2. Happy New Year, I had not heard of the performance poet Sarah, but I enjoyed her work.It is very up lifting.

  3. Wow! What a performance, what a poet! Thanks for sharing this. Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds intriguing. I'll be here. I hope that 2012 is truly blessed for you. :-)

  5. Wow. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing that.

  6. @Mark Koopmans
    *smile* I held the 2 year-old on top of the baby bump to watch it - he stayed interested for most of the 20 minutes! Anything moving on the screen is amusing to him! Hop your little guy likes it too.

  7. @Joshua
    @Misha Gericke
    @Paul Tobin
    Glad you enjoyed the clip! On Thursday, we'll be following one of Sarah Kay's ideas for inspiration...

  8. Rad clip, reminds me of the Slam poetry I used to attend in college. Here's to 2012 being better than 2011:)