Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blank and White
*writer is blocked*
*writer types*
The page was blank.

*still blocked*
*writer types again*
The white page was blank.

*an idea is beginning to come...*
The white page was as blank as the stare of his friend when he announced the news. He sat at the computer, but no words came...

As always, this post is taken from real life; this time my husband's. He had a job interview on Friday, after which they asked that he write a synopsis of the meeting (huh?!). He had taken notes and wrote more as soon as he got back to the hotel...but was he supposed to make a list of what happened? In chronological order? Weren't the people paying attention enough to know all of that? So is he supposed to give his impression of how it went? In full sentences? So he has spent the better part of today working on...he just has to write it out now...

It made me think of all the writer's block advice I've heard so many places; just start writing. Say the page is blank, say it's white, just say something.

So...what is this post gonna be about....

The computer screen is blank...

The glowing computer screen is blank...


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