Sunday, December 26, 2010


He comes late, never sists in the pews, but prefers a chair in the back. He gives very long prayers and, on a good day, smells only of stale cigarettes.

The only baby in the church, he is the eye of a hurricane of females. He speaks in energetic syllables and smells of organic soap and his mother's designer perfume.

When they meet, it is with a rough finger touches the downy hair. "How is our baby?" And that is what he is; the baby of a family of believers. Neither the old man nor the baby are exceptional, but the relationship that makes us turn our heads and take note.

This Christmas, it is adorable to see Luca with his French great-grandmother. She is terrified when he stands up and he doesn't understand that he has to hold still on her lap. They seem to be closer as she begins to be more child-like in her needs and becomes less independant, and he strikes out trying to be more indepedant (but occasionally still falls on his bottom).  

Relationships are all we have, all we are. We could argue that, or just say that they are cruical. I believe that it is because we are created in God's image, and the Trinity is a relationship; one God in Three Persons. Our most important moments in life turn around our relationships as husband and wife, parents, siblings and children.

Unusual relationships can be the center of a story, often with contradictory characters, as in the film Rain Man (attention: excess of foul language in the full film). Use the relationships around you to inspire your writing as they enrich your life! May your Christmas be richly blessed!


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