Monday, August 30, 2010

Tension and Suspense

There was a man, sitting in the shadow of the cathedral, his laugh loud, nasal and evil. He talked with two friends, listening to them and laughing. His friends were invisible. Yet he was clearly communicating with a being seated beside him on the right and one standing at his left. He turned quickly to the right, as that one interrupted the other. Yet his friends were invisible. And he continued to laugh.

I think that's going to turn into a longer something or other. Just thought it'd be a fun way to introduce this post. I've been learning about tension and suspense in stories and anaylzing just about everythign around me. While this is annoying to others (my husband said, "Can you shut up and just watch Alias, please?") it's really interesting!

Last night, some dear friends watched the kiddo while we went to a movie--thanks Belén and Yussef! We went to a small "artsy" theater that has a lot of documentaries and foreign films i.e. from Argentina, Spain, Italy, Korea etc.

Here's a clip from the the Australian film we saw, The Tree. (sorry for the language!)
 With a very character-driven plot, there wasn't a lot of suspense. The simple story held our interest because of the excellent moments of tension, created because we care what happens to this woman and her children, because we care what happens to the tree. The immediate danger to them, the fear of what they might do, the things they do that we don't want them to all adds to the momentary tension that is then replaced by...a new tension! I won't add the trailer, because I'm hoping you'll go and see it!
(warning: there is some language and one intimate scene that doesn't show anything)

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  1. Glad you let me know about the blog!! It looks great. Tension is so important and it's hard to master. You definitely got my interest with the short bit you wrote. I wonder why the guy doesn't just seem like a "crazy" person...