Friday, July 9, 2010


You wouldn't think so, but deadlines is a beautiful word. You might think it'd be morbid, based off its root words. You might think it's stressful, based of your personal experiences. However, I am finding deadlines really exciting and motivating!

I have a new writing strategy, thanks to my birthday present book, "Yes! You can learn how to write children's books, get them published and build a successful writing career" by Nancy I. Sanders. I've been doing research, hunting magazines, exploring their needs, bravely sending off queries, doing a happy dance when they've requested to see articles (eureka!), digging deep into the magazine and finishing my quest by writing articles which will, hopefully be so expressly what they want that they can't turn them down.

So far, I am working with and Susie magazine, both Christian teen girl publications. I've submitted a blog to Relate (to be a regular contributing writer?).For Relate, I am working on an article about the Mercy Ships organization for their Going Global section, as well as one on my sister, Melissa, volunteering in Liberia last year for their Volunteers: Everyday Heroes section. For Susie, I am doing an article on home schooling, as I noticed a percentage of the readers are home schooled, but the magazine doesn't say much about it.

So we'll see if anything gets published. That is really my goal at this point, though we will be looking for more highly paid articles soon. I am also spending an hour or two a week working on a new book idea - it's delightfully from my heart, and I hope someday to share it!


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