Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Contest would-be entry

It seems as I am not a resident of the USA, that I can not enter certain contests. So here is what would have been my entry to the Focus on The Family Mother's Day 2010 contest, about mother's making mealtime special.

"As the mother of ten and nana of two (so far), it’s important to my mom to have us all together at the table as often as possible. The practical dining room she has created readily reflects this. Years ago, my dad’s Valentine’s Day present to her was a customized table that extends to seat twenty-six. She requested that it be made with a Formica top, which resembles the wood grain of the legs, so that kids could slide salad dressing bottles or set hot dishes down without fear. Mom always encourages us to share with each other, from asking about ballet class and Boy Scouts meetings to teaching catechism questions after a meal. So rather than forcing her boisterous bunch to be quiet during dinner, she put two tapestry rugs on facing walls to damper our joyful noise. Everyone has their assigned seat, smaller ones next to older ones, so that my mom is free to keep an eye on the kitchen and talk to everyone. When a grandbaby visits, we set a swing next to mama’s chair to enjoy the family time. Now that I have my own little family, I’ve appreciated how special, yet practical, my mom made dinner time for us."


  1. I pick yours as the WINNER! Thank you for noticing & appreciating & for adding to the conversations & joyful noise over the years - we miss you!!!


  2. love it! miss having everyone under one roof

  3. Hello!
    Love your stories...Miss you too! Have I got your e-mail?